screen colors while booting

1. Inverse screen colours on boot screen

I have an old IPX station with a cgthree frame buffer
(GX card i think).

In the NVRAM on this box I can see two boolean parameters
called "inverse?" and "inverse-screen?". The values of
these addresses can be changed to cause the boot up
screen to appear white text on a black background rather
rather than the default black on white.

being able to do this is important to me as I need to
minimise the brightness/luminesence of the screen due
to the environment in which the box is being used.

I was setting these booleans from the Forth prompt by
using :

true to inverse?
true to inverse-screen?

So on the IPX box i was putting these into the NVRAMRC.

However, on an Ultra 1 with an Sbus TurboGX+ frame buffer
I get a data access error message from OpenBoot when
I try to do this.

Can anybody, anywhere help me with this?  I need some
help fairly urgently.

Simon Budd

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