Any luck with Generic OPTi 82C931 on LX machines?

Any luck with Generic OPTi 82C931 on LX machines?

Post by Shadow Dolph » Tue, 12 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Has anybody had any luck with with OPTi 82C931 based cards? So far i've
gotten this far:

* Tryed the "Generic OPL-2/3" support, because the box says "OPL-4".
didn't work at all.

* tried with MAD-16 support. didn't work.

* tried a technique from the x86 world using isapnptools. managed to lock
my box up. (wrong IRQs or somthing to that effect.)

* gave up and downloaded OSS/Linux and tried the demo. the card works this
time, but quake immedatly segfaults with SIGFPE on startup, and mpg123
works for about 30 seconds to 1 minute before going SIGFPE.

Now, i wouldn't mind shelling out $20 for OSS/Linux, if those two problems
were fixed. Does anybody how to get around this, or if this will ever be
patched in a later release of kernel/OSS/etc?

21164LX Alpha.
Generic OPTi 82C931, made by SIIG
Kernel 2.0.36, from redhat 5.2 updates
OSS 3.9.1i

(note that i still have the recipt for the card, and would it be just
better to return it and get a different [and more expensive] card, this
one being just unsupported on linux/alpha at the current time?)



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