RedHat 6.1 Installer hang

RedHat 6.1 Installer hang

Post by Derek Cahil » Thu, 20 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I posted this to comp.os.linux.alpha last night but I'm re-posting with some
new information I've discovered and cross-posting to linux.redhat.install.


I've been trying this for two [three] days and slowly finding tidbits of
useful detail in Deja and elsewhere (like the fact that fdisk requires me to
fdisk /tmp/sda instead of fdisk /dev/sda). I'm still stuck at the same point
every time.

I don't have the CD and I don't know anyone who has the CD. I have ISDN and
am 2 hops away from a mirror, so I'm pretty happy with downloading (the
Alpha is on ethernet, so I can just use the FTP install).

I'm using SRM on a Multia [Alpha] because the MILO installation seems to
like to have a kernel panic when it gets to needing the root (RAM) disk.

I've gone in with fdisk and created 3 BSD partitions: a (boot, 4 M), b(swap,
128M), and c (ext2, ~872M). Rebooted the machine.

It now goes into Disk Druid and sees the three partitions. I set my timezone
and my root password. Then, the screen sits blue forever.

Switching to the console on Alt-F3 tells me "Autopartitioning FAILED". I
don't know why that would be, since Disk Druid shouldn't have touched the
partition tables. [Update: This happens right after Disk Druid. I still get
to set my timezone and root password before it hangs. This may not be
relevant to the problem.]

Regardless, it hangs after the root password question and two days later, my
Alpha is leaving me feel defeated and still wanting more.

Any ideas on what I've done wrong?



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