RedHat 6.0 and GDM help?

RedHat 6.0 and GDM help?

Post by Walt Shekro » Sat, 09 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I have a multia running the afore mentioned and the opening login screen
comes up and proceeds to the enlightenment progress (over the RH logo). I
get an extra  blank line that eats into the RH logo on left just before
things proceed fine the way they normally would.

I assume this is some error or warning that is not fatal. Does
enlightenment and/or GDM keep logs so that I might figure this out. It's
just annoying and less than right.

Also is it common to 'rm X' from /usr/X11R6/bin to get more control of X
during startup? Out of the box it is difficult to get a non-X environment.
I'd rather just type STARTX each time. I guess this is the answer for
those that complained it wasn't windows and they might have to learn a
command or two. ;-(



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I am trying to configure a RedHat 6.0 system and am having problems getting
gdm to run properly.

I have not had any problems getting kdm or xdm to work on this system.

The [xdmcp] section of my gdm.conf file has Enable=1 and I would have
thought that that would be sufficient to allow for gdm to manage remote
displays.  The remote display shows a chooser with the linux box indicating
that it is ready to control the display, however once I select the linux box
to manage the display the session just hangs without giving any evidence
that any session management has begun.

How should I proceed?

-- Rich

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