A few ALPHA/Linux questions...

A few ALPHA/Linux questions...

Post by Ali Anghai » Fri, 27 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I'm considering the move from an Intel based Linux-farm to an Alpha based
one (since its about time to upgrade the boxe anyhow...)...

I've got a few outstanding concerns about the Alpha builds that I was hoping
to get addressed:

- Is there a Linux that addresses 64-bits for memory and such?  Last I heard,
  there was a project for such a thing...

- What type of performance can I expect (relative to NT on Alpha) from code
  compiled with GCC (or egcs) w/ the new GLIBC and such... etc...?  All my
  apps are heavily FP oriented so I don't want to use the boxes inefficiently.

- Any news on 21264 support?  (not that I can get 'em but it'd be interesting)

- Is 2.1 (2.2) addressing a lot of Alpha issues?  ie. is 2.2 going to solve
  a lot of these concerns...

- Quality of support for NFS?

Thanks for the help...

  - Ali A. (Amir-Ali R. Anghaie)

  { Any opinions herein are not facts :) }


1. QUESTION: Getting ready to use Linux, but I have a few questions...

        Alright, well first, for anyone who is taking the time for
reading this, Thank You. Even if you can't help me, it is still a good
thing that you try. Anyway, I'm getting ready to install Linux on my
system, mostly out of general frustration bordering on hate for
Windows and Microsoft in general (gotta give 'em points for dumbing
things down for the layman, but I'm not a layman anymore). Yet, as I
have a new computer, I have more than a few issues with doing this.

1)      I have a 8.4 Gig. HD, but it is in Fat16 format, so that
should be okay, right?

2)      With my HD, I can use the program fips to partition it without
having to format it in the process, but the problem I have is that the
drive is split into 4 logical drives, as a result of the 2 Gig limit
on Fat16. So my question is, can I partition a logical drive, and if I
can, how? (and if I can't, then what are my options...?)

3)      Will Debian Linux (and X-Windows) be compatible with my
Diamond FireGL Pro 1000?

Once again, thank you very much for any help that you might give. If I
have, in any way, broken the laws of this group or have annoyed anyone
with this post, I sincerely apologize, as I have not come here before.


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