ISA to Parallel Questions...

ISA to Parallel Questions...

Post by Matthew Hoadle » Wed, 01 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hi, I'm just looking at making / wiring up things to the parallel port
and was wondering if (i'm sure) someone has done this sort of thing

I heard something about wiring an ISA slot to the parallel port, and
seeing as the parallel port can be mounted I just thought this might be
a good way to plug a sound card externaly into a pc running linux ???

either that or a wiring a DAC up to the parallel port

any suggestions or schematics???


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Hello there!!!

I have ISA sound card YAMAHA and ISA 3c509b. 3com doesn't work at all.
I have just removed sound card, and after reboot my net interface eth0
was brought up.

The question is: How can I install 2 ISA cards without conflicts?

Thanks in advance



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