Linux Alpha & Java Media Frame Work (JMF)

Linux Alpha & Java Media Frame Work (JMF)

Post by Mohan Vaghu » Wed, 13 Sep 2000 11:00:19

I recently installed the Java Media Frame (JMF2.1) from sun ftp site for my
Alpha Linux. I am trying to display MPEG files using the media player, and I
am getting an error (in the jmf.log file) - Unable to handle format: MPEG,

Has anybody tried JMF2.1 on Alpha Linux?
Does it handle MPEG files (it should, but maybe I am setting it up wrong) ?
The same program (identical jar file) works on Windows just fine.
I am including in my CLASSPATH - jmf.jar, multiplayer.jar, mediaplayer.jar.

Any ideas?



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