Multia RH 5.2 Install Glitch

Multia RH 5.2 Install Glitch

Post by Bill Ken » Mon, 01 Feb 1999 04:00:00

>     I'm  in the process of installing Red Hat Linux 5.2 on a Multia
> 166 using the hard drive install option. Everything goes fine until I
> get to point of selecting the partition that contains the Red Hat Rpms
> and Base files. Then I get an error message that says "Device sda1
> does not appear to contain a Red Hat installation tree".
>     The hard drive was partitioned with Linux fdisk. sda1 is a DOS
> partition, sda2 is a native Linux partition (/), sda2 is Linux swap,
> sda3 is /usr .  I removed the hard drive from the Multia and connected
> it to my PC.  I copied all the files from Redhat, Redhat\Rpms,
> Redhat\Base from the Redhat 5.2 CD to the corresponding directories on
> the hard drive DOS partition and re-installed it in the Multia.
>    Anybody have any ideas where I went wrong?  Any input would be much
> appreciated 'cause I think I'm developing a taste for Maalox.
>                                                                Many
> thanx

The DOS partition will kill your filenames down to 8.3 conventions.
Redhat's install doesn't like that.  I'd do the following.

1.  Repartion the DOS FAT partions to 2MB (that's all that's needed to
load MILO and linload.exe for booting).

2.  Take the rest and make it a linux native partition.  Or you could
add it to the / or /usr partitions.

3.  Copy the files to a native partition.

That should fix the file name problems.

Looking at RedHat's site, it looks like this issue was addressed in a
newer boot and supp disk combo for the i386.  I don't know if they've
addressed it for the alpha.  (I don't even know if it will fix it on the
i386 since my floppy is dead.)

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