Multia settings

Multia settings

Post by Richard Payn » Thu, 04 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Quote:>I'm a newbie to the UDB Multia world. I have a 166MHZ Alpha version and am
>needing the general kernel settings that should be used for Linux.

>All I know right now is that the SCSI should be ncr53c7xx or ncr53c8xx.

Yup, that's right.

Quote:>I'm needing the settings to:

>internal IDE (if anything specific)

I think you'll need to install the latest firmware for the Multia for this
to work.
Earlier version didn't have IDE support. Other than that just re-compile the
kernel with IDE support.


It a Dec Tulip based NIC card.

Quote:>serial (if anything specific due to the 2 coms being off one port - I have
>pinouts for that and am making a cable)

I think if you just include standard serial support in the kernel you'll be
all set.

Good Luck.

Rich Payne
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Looking for Alpha-Linux info?


1. Multia: Setting up Linux?

I just acquired a Multia that I would like to load Linux on it.  I've
loaded Linux on numerous PCs before, but this is not only the first
Multia I've seen, but also the Linux on Alpha installation.  From what
I've been able to see, RedHat Linux is the only one that supports
Alphas, and as I am very happy with my PC RedHat 5.0 setup, I'd like to
install it also.  My problem is that there doesn't seem to be much
information on the RedHat site concerning the RedHat on Alpha
installation, so I have a few questions.

        - There are about 10 or so images on the RedHat FTP Server.  Which one
is for what?  It states that there is a README file somewhere, but I
haven't managed to find that yet.
        - Once on the Multia, how do I boot the image?  The only documentation
that I saw didn't work.
        - I also read somewhere that the Sparc's can only install via NFS or
CD-ROM.  Can the Alpha version install via FTP like the PC Version?

If anyone can give me any information to get this working, it would be
greatly appreciated.  I've been reading various stuff on the RedHat
site, hoping to get this information, but I'm either not looking at the
right place, or RedHat is secretive about it.  Thanks for all your
assistance in this matter.

                              ric Y. Thriault
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