Stack limit

Stack limit

Post by Naohiko Shimi » Thu, 27 Jan 2000 04:00:00

The stack limit is set in the

I found that the definition was corrected in some architectures.
But for alpha the limit is set wrong.
Where sould I contact to correct the file?

I will show the grep result of _STK_LIM in the 2.2.14 source.

asm-alpha/resource.h:    {_STK_LIM, _STK_LIM},                  /* RLIMIT_STACK */      \
asm-arm/resource.h:     { _STK_LIM, _STK_LIM },                         \
asm-i386/resource.h:    { _STK_LIM, LONG_MAX },                         \
asm-m68k/resource.h:  {_STK_LIM, LONG_MAX}, \
asm-mips/resource.h:    {_STK_LIM, _STK_LIM},                           \
asm-ppc/resource.h:    {_STK_LIM, LONG_MAX},                    /* RLIMIT_STACK */      \
asm-s390/resource.h:    { _STK_LIM, LONG_MAX },                         \
asm-sparc/resource.h:    {LONG_MAX, LONG_MAX}, {_STK_LIM, LONG_MAX},           \
asm-sparc64/resource.h:    {LONG_MAX, LONG_MAX}, {_STK_LIM, LONG_MAX},         \
asm/resource.h:    {_STK_LIM, _STK_LIM},                        /* RLIMIT_STACK */      \

The RLMIIT_STACK sould _STK_LIM, LONG_MAX but in some architectures

The RLMIIT_STACK sould _STK_LIM, LONG_MAX but in some architectures
it is _STK_LIM,_STK_LIM.
It forces users not to use more than 8MB of stack area.

Thank you in advance,

Naohiko Shimizu
Dept. Communication Engr./Univ. TOKAI.
1117 Kitakaname Hiratsuka 259-12 Japan
TEL.+81-463-58-1211(ext. 4084) FAX.+81-463-58-8320


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