MILO and RedHat Linux 5.1 doesn't see my ide harddrive

MILO and RedHat Linux 5.1 doesn't see my ide harddrive

Post by Tom Muld » Fri, 07 Aug 1998 04:00:00

hello, I have got a problem MILO and Redhat doesn't see my IDE
harddrive it's connected right, and if i want to 'ls' to my Harddrive
it yust reboots.
how must i say milo and Redhat linux 5.1 that i have a Harddrive

Tom Mulder


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    I'm trying to install RedHat 5.1. My machine has two 540 Meg hard
drives. Identical. When I install, and get to the Disk Druid, it only
allows me to partition the slave drive. Yet, after I install, and boot
(using a floppy) I can access the master drive. I can
partition/repartition it to my hearts content.

    If I boot using the 5.0 boot floppy, I can manipulate both drives.

    One kink in this is that once, I did install 5.0 on the master. And
the computer ran just fine. So I doubt the disk drive went nuts.

    Now, I can't see those partitions with the 5.1.

    I went out and downloaded all of 5.1. and figured out how to install
via NFS. Once I got it working, it works slick!

    How, can I get the master drive. Without that, I won't have as
complete of system as I'd want.

    There's nothing on these disks. So I have no hesitation wiping them
clean. It's just that I don't know what I need to do to get the /dev/hda
disk to be seen during install.

    Thanks in advance,
    Lyndon F. Bartels

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