REQ: Diamond Netcommander ISDN Drivers needed!

REQ: Diamond Netcommander ISDN Drivers needed!

Post by Howle » Wed, 04 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone out there know where I can find drivers for a Diamond
NetCommander ISDN adapter?  Someone told me that I was out of luck, and
maybe I am unless I write my own, but I was hoping that someone outhere has
a driver for this card.

Diamond states no Linux support on their website.

Well, at any rate, I've ordered the "Linux Device Drivers" book from Amazon.
Maybe I can put alllll of that programming experience to some good use.

Any help would be useful.

Thanks in advance.

Howler -

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    I'm trying to get a Diamond Netcommander ISDN to work under Slacware
Linux (2.0.3? and 2.1.89?) and so far I have had little luck.  I've
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Has anyone else had experience with them?  Pointers?  Help?


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