RH6.1 on AS250 hangs

RH6.1 on AS250 hangs

Post by Andrew Habgoo » Tue, 15 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I have installed RH6.1 on a Alphastation 250 with KDE as default.  When I
click on the K button, and the menu scrolls up, I move the mouse up the
menu, and it hangs.  I can still use the mouse, but cannot click, or switch
to a tty.

1. Installing RH6.1 on AS250

I am installing RH6.1 on an AS250, using the ARC console.  I have booted off
milo, installed Redhat on disks configured as follows:
sda1    /    1700Mb
sda2    swap    300Mb
sda3    dos    3Mb
sdb1    /u    2000Mb

After it has finished installing, I switch to tty2, and attempt to use dd,
but it does not exist.  How can I install MILO onto the fat partition? Back
at the milo prompt, how can I boot the disk?
I have tried boot sda1:vmlinux root=/dev/sda1
but it  fails to load the kernel.

Any suggestions?

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