OK, I'll byte

OK, I'll byte

Post by Toon Moen » Sun, 13 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hi All,

For some reason my ISP doesn't receive articles in this much needed group -
anyone got any already (i.e. without peeking into Deja News ) ?

ObAlpha: Any news about the availability of the 21264 ?


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1. KDE and QT: OK, I'll bite, whats it take to 'cleanroom' software?

Well, its come to this. I hate programming, anytime I have to debug C,
and especialy C++ I get headaches and kick small animals. But to hell
with my sanity, what would it take to do a cleanroom implementation of
QT? I currently have only the binary version of the library and havent
seen any source to it. If anyone has some good pointers on information
or 'the rules' of developing a non-commercial version of commercial
sofware please point me to them. I'll prolly start with GTK as a base.
Specifically, I need to know if I can look at things like A: the header
files, B: The api definitions. I'd also be interested to know if any
other teams are already working on this effort. Ahh, the sacrifices I
make for my operating system.

-- Greg

2. zs3: ring buffer overflow

3. Ok I'll give a little...but just a little...

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6. monitoring NFS traffic

7. I'll be fired if I don't get it up...

8. Compiling kernel 1.2.5

9. I'll can't get out of my segment SCO-unix

10. I'm sure I'll like it when I learn how...

11. Ya'll niggahs be trippin'

12. Anytime you're online, you'll be paid

13. I'll say it's a FAQ - Local IP address