WiFi ?

WiFi ?

Post by St├ęphane Vaxelai » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 01:55:22


Does anyone ever tried to setup a WiFi PCI adapter on his alpha box ?
Any success ?
If there was could you point me to the concerned card chipset/manufacturer/model ?




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I've got a US Robotics 11mbps 802.11b PC Card, and I'm running Kernel
2.4.5 (distro = Slackware 8.0).  I've got the PCMCIA package installed
as well as wlan package.  When I run 'dopromisc.sh' to enable
promiscuous mode on the card, the light on the card goes solid, no
blinking.  Is this normal?  And airsnort 'capture -c file.txt' just
displays timeouts...Is that just because there's no wifi network

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