HP wrapper for some Alpha systems not covered in Red Hat 7.2

HP wrapper for some Alpha systems not covered in Red Hat 7.2

Post by Harr » Mon, 14 Jul 2003 05:46:34

There is now an Installation wrapper for Red Hat Linux 7.2 for Alpha on


This is a wrapper around the installation of Red Hat Linux 7.2 for Alpha to
allow installation of Red Hat Linux 7.2 on Alpha systems which did not have
kernel support in the original Red Hat 7.2 distribution. It is NOT full
installation media. Installation with this wrapper requires Red Hat Linux 7.2
for Alpha installation media.

Systems which need this wrapper in order to install Red Hat Linux 7.2 for
Alpha are:

      AlphaServer ES47
      AlphaServer ES80
      AlphaServer 2100A

In addition, some Alpha systems with older DAC960 controllers that could
not install with the original Red Hat Linux 7.2 for Alpha distribution
may be able to install with this wrapper.

It is recommended that systems that can install with the original
Red Hat Linux 7.2 for Alpha distribution do so and not use this wrapper.

This wrapper only includes the updated RPMS necessary for the platforms
listed above and their dependencies.

It is strongly recommended that all of the HP updates are installed
regardless of whether or not the wrapper was used for the installation.

The HP updates are available at:


Installing Red Hat 7.2 for Alpha with the installation wrapper

1. Installing from a CD-ROM

   Boot the installation wrapper CD-ROM.

   When asked for the installation source, replace the wrapper CD-ROM
   with the CD 1 of Red Hat Linux 7.2 for Alpha and choose 'Local CD-ROM'

   Proceed with the installation as normal

   After the installation is complete, the wrapper will ask for the
   HP Wrapper CDROM. Make sure the wrapper CD is in the drive and
   proceed. The installation of the updates may take several minutes,
   so be patient.

2. Installing from a network

   In the /kernels directory of the wrapper CD is a file called
   "install.bootp". This file can be network booted to start the
   installation. In order for the updates to be installed, copy the
   /HPupdates directory tree from the CD to your network installation


Notes for all systems

1. If you specify an "expert" install, make sure to choose
   "Local CD-ROM" once with the wrapper CD before replacing it with
   CD 1 from the original distribution.

2. If you attempt a graphical install and the GUI fails to come up
   properly (for example, it starts and then crashes) try a "text"
   install. This can be forced by specifying "text" in the flags when
   booting the installation media.


Special notes for the AlphaServer ES47 and AlphaServer ES80

1. The AlphaServer ES47/ES80 "serial" console is not a serial port.
   It is an interface provided by system management software that is
   accessible via both a system management serial port and a system
   management network. From the operating system, this interface does
   not look like a serial port, and ttyS0 cannot be used to communicate
   over this interace. In order to use the AlphaServer ES47/ES80 "serial"
   console, be sure to specify "console=srm" when booting.

2. During the first boot after the installation, kudzu will likely find
   many things that have "changed". These changes may include the
   removal of ttyS0, and (if booted "serial") the addition of an "SRM
   callback console".

I would like to thank Jeff Wiedemeier for all his time and effort that he put
into the wrapper ISO.

Best Regards,




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