AlphaBIOS on Alphastation 200 4/166

AlphaBIOS on Alphastation 200 4/166

Post by His Holiness the Reverend Doktor Xenophon Fenderson, the Carbon(d)ate » Tue, 19 May 1998 04:00:00

    MC> I'd like to flash ARC/AlphaBIOS into my Mustang (AS 200) and
    MC> use that to boot Linux and NT instead of SRM/aboot. Can
    MC> someone send me a detailed procedure of how to do this,
    MC> including where I can get the firmware and necessary
    MC> utilities. I am used to having ARC already on a machine and
    MC> have never had to do this before. Thanks!

I (personally) don't recommend using ARC/MILO to boot Linux; SRM is a
lot cleaner (IMHO) and at least somewhat secure.  That said, it's
pretty easy to get ARC onto your AS200.

        1. Obtain a Firmware Update CD.  They cost around US$30 from
           Digital, although you might be able to convince your VAR to
           send you an old one for free (mine did).

        2. Assuming your CD-ROM is ID 5 on the SCSI controller, put
           the CD in the drive and type 'boot dka5' at the SRM prompt
           (and hit return).

        3. Type Control-C to bypass the messages.  You trust me, DON'T
           YOU???!!!!  ;)

        4. Hit return to use the default image.

        5. Within the firmware update program, type 'u arc' and hit

        6. Type 'veri arc' and hit return.

        7. Type 'quit'.  DO NOT REBOOT!

        8. Power down your machine.  YOU MUST POWER DOWN YOUR MACHINE!
           I tried once to do this and now power down my machine; it
           proceeded to not boot in an appropriately spectacular
           fashion (try it and see!)

        9. Wait for the hard drives to spin down.

        10. Power your machine back up.

It should start into ARC.  You'll have to reset the time and date
(different starting epochs and all), and you might want to change the
firmware selection to NT (it might still be set to NT).

If it doesn't start into ARC, but into SRM, type 'set os_type nt' and
hit return.  Then power off/wait/on.

Oh, almost forgot:

        11. If it doesn't start at all, scream (at the top of your
            lungs) "DOH!"

HTH!  :)

His Holiness the Reverend Doktor Xenophon Fenderson, the Carbon(d)ated
Discordian Episkopos of Ambidextrous Thinking and Licensed SubGenius Minister
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------- BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK (v.3.12) ---------
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