AlphaServer 2100A HELP!!!

AlphaServer 2100A HELP!!!

Post by Mr. Bil » Wed, 17 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi I have an Alpha Server 2100A model 4/275, with 2, 21064A 275mhz
processors, and I have absolutely no idea what i'm doing!!!

It's been collecting dust for about 6 months with NT installed on it,
and the boss finally told me I could do what I want with it.. so of
course.. I want to install Linux.

OK.. anyway, so far i've tried a whole bunch of images and everytime I
do 'boot dva0 -fi vmlinux.gz -fl ....' it loads the kernel.. says ok,
now starting kernel then does a crash and burn.  I tried sable-s which
is for the 2100 series server, but I have a feeling that because the
processor is a 21064 and not a 21064A like in my 2100A series, that
maybe that's the problem... I'm not sure if I should be trying MILO, or
really what I should be doing..   I've got 5 machines here running Linux
already, and I really love it, I just want to get Linux on my Alpha
before the boss changes his mind. :)

Thanks,  Bill


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Hello!  I'm currently trying to install Linux on an AlphaServer 2100A
2/475, and I've run into a rather major problem:  I can't figure out
how to boot from a CD-ROM (or floppy, for that matter) successfully.

I can get into the SRM console and use the boot command, but when I
type "boot dka600," the drive light goes on and I get a
healthy-looking sequence of responses right up to "jumping to
bootstrap code," then the system just hangs.  The exact same thing
happens when I try to "boot dva0" for a floppy disk.  I've encountered
this problem with both CD-ROM and floppy-based RedHat 7.1 disks along
with a recent firmware upgrade CD-ROM from Compaq.  Booting from the
hard drive (Digital Unix is currently installed) gives me no trouble
at all.

I've never worked with an Alpha system before, so perhaps I'm missing
something obvious.  In any case, any suggestions you might have would
be greatly appreciated!


Demian Katz, Chester County Library

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