Help for a newbee

Help for a newbee

Post by crai » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 08:23:14

Hi I wonder if anyone can help.

I setup debian 3.01 on an Alpha 6/500 but I have no graphics option.
Boots to a command prompt but will not accep startx etc.
6/500 Alpha
Graphics card is a Compaq Elsa Gloria Synergy 8

Is there any support for this card?

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Dave, unix is a multi user system. Here at Stanford they have a cluster
with thousands of users. Think of root not so much as a user but as the
site's administrators. And other users are the consumers with only their
personal accounts. Now most programs have a kind of default rc file in
/etc which the sys admins and only they set up for you. And the mere
mortal user can change or extend these defaults via the .rc files in his
home directory. Hope this helps. I have been using linux for over a year
now and I'm still learning. But it's definitely worth it.
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