Power supply of Mustang

Power supply of Mustang

Post by Stuart Midgle » Sat, 09 Jun 2001 15:17:31

Hi all

I have a Mustang (model 250) that appears to have a dead powersupply.
It was working just fine for many months since I purchased it but now
when I turn it on, it powers up for about 2 seconds then powers down.

I removed the power supply from the machine and turned it on.  Fans
started up then just powered down.

I suspect that either the powersupply is completely dead or the little
thermistor attached to the powersupply is faulty.

Does anybody know the specs of the thermistor?

Where can I get a powersupply from?

Can I purchase an ATX powersupply, cutt the plugs off and fit the Alpha
plugs to it?




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