The on-board aic-7890 in the UP2000 system

The on-board aic-7890 in the UP2000 system

Post by G. Hugh Son » Mon, 20 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I realized that this on-board SCSI controller on the
UP2000 motherboard is giving all the trouble.  I just realized
that the vendor of the system installed two LVD hard disks
in the connector for "single-ended SCSI" instead of
"LVD-SCSI".  When I switch the connection so that
the LVD hard disk (Seagate LW-series 36G Cheeta) are
hooked to the correct LVD connector, it shows "80Mbyte/sec
message" corretly.   But booting stops very early
in the bootstrap process without giving "aboot...."  UP-2000
has been on the market for quite some time.  Yet,
they were not able to fix such a bug.   Hard to believe.

Now, I'd like to abandon the aic-7890 all together, and to use
a Symbios PCI card.  Then, the boot does not start at all
with the message such as "dka0. is not a valid boot block"
or something.  How can I disable the on-board aic-7890?
Is there a jumper switch somewhere?

Thank you.
G. Hugh Song


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I want to change my old T55TP4N/P90 to a brand new P2B-S with a
P400. I guess there is no problem with the 440BX chipsetm so the only
point that could be a problem seems to be the Adaptec AIC 7890 & 3860
SCSI controller on board. Is there any problems known with this
controller ? I've looked around a bit, and the hardware-faqs don't say
anything about this specific controller (the AIC-788x seems to be

Thanx in advance.

-- Francois Fleuret

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