Gentoo alpha port?

Gentoo alpha port?

Post by hsea.. » Mon, 14 Jul 2003 03:52:50

  Has anyone tried the gentoo alpha port yet?

Harmon Seaver  


Gentoo alpha port?

Post by Paul Rogerso » Mon, 14 Jul 2003 04:39:22

>   Has anyone tried the gentoo alpha port yet?

Where is the Alpha port?  I only see PPC, Sparc and of course x86.


Gentoo alpha port?

Post by Tavis Ormand » Mon, 14 Jul 2003 07:47:59

>>   Has anyone tried the gentoo alpha port yet?

> Where is the Alpha port?  I only see PPC, Sparc and of course x86.




1. Gentoo? Gentoo!

You BSD types are a capable lot, but us Linux users still hear the
occasional gripe from you about this piece of hardware not working or
that emulated Linux application not working on your possessed little
boxen.  You're going to read through the remainder of this
superlative-laced piece of spam anyway, but if you choose to stop here,
all I ask you to do is consider the name "Gentoo Linux" when time is
best for you.

If you haven't heard already, there is something called Gentoo Linux and
it's already stealing noteworthy chunks of your BSD userbase away, and
for all the right reasons.  Gentoo is probably the tightest, fastest
Linux around.  And it has a ports system.  Loads of your former users
are raving about it and so am I -- now less a Slackware hardliner than I
used to be.
    #gentoo (

Listen around.  Slackware is very often compared to BSD for its
minimalist approach and feel, so if I feel its power, so will you.  In
truth, you and I are cousins.  Slackware remains the sole Linux
distribution to make use of a BSD-style init structure, the only init
structure that makes good logical sense.  It should be no surprise then
that Gentoo has managed to take mess of Slackware users under its wing
too, myself included.

I post this message for the sole purpose of encouraging Gentoo's growth,
because it could use increased support.  It's a marvel of a distribution
(superhero-like even) that I'd personally like to see continuing well
into the future.  It very relistically has the potentional to dominate
the desktops of developer and hacker circles.  It carries that much

And no, they aren't paying me.  I doubt they have the funds for it.

- IP

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