LAT on Linux/Alpha

LAT on Linux/Alpha

Post by joshua gelle » Thu, 17 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Sorry if this is a FAQ, but does Linux/Alpha normally come with a
native LAT stack? Or is one readily available for free or cheap?

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1. LAT licensing (yes, again - sorry) (was: LAT communication library)

I've crossposted comp.os.linux.networking and comp.lang.mumps as this
comes up often in both camps.  I believe we may all be the victims of
a deception.

I encourage everyone to read the (most recent? 1992!) press-release on
the subject from the licensing agents (Meridian) very carefully.  In
particular note that where it contains the sentence "LAT licensees
acquire the legal right to use this patented intellectual property"
the pronoun "this" does not appear to refer to anything.

I agree when you first read it it appears to say that you need to have
a license to develop LAT software.  On closer inspection it appears to
be deliberately crafted to give the impression that licensing is
mandatory without actually comming straight out and saying so.  I
suspect therefore that licensing is not mandatory (as I believe it
can't be under US anti-trust law).  DEC/Meridian could not claim that
licensing is mandatory without breaking the law but are happy for the
rumour to be spread on their behalf.

Any lawyers out there?  What do you think?

(I have, of course, asked Meridian about this but I don't expect a
straight answer).

One thing at least is clear - that these people have a strong sense of
irony, how else can we explain the statement: "The LAT program gives
further evidence of Digital's commitment to open standards. The goal
of the program is to make LAT technology accessible to the entire
networking community."


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