DeskStation 21264 MILO

DeskStation 21264 MILO

Post by Dave Morga » Sat, 05 Oct 2002 10:18:53

There must be someone out there that has a milo that will work with an old
30/300 21264 deskstation... the ARCSBIOS doesn't even have NT on the
installation list, so I cant even get that going on it (although it did have
NT on there once)..

Any ideas?

Dave Morgan


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Anyone in here got Linux (any flavour) running on a Deskstation Raptor

I've got as far as figuring out it's the Ruffian board I'm dealing with,
have acquired the ldmilo.exe and a recent MILO (2.2.16), gone to run the
ldmilo, and get as far as the message "Jays Hacked Version" during the MILO
load utility 1.1....upon where the keyboard locks up and it's time to flick
the switch on it.

Thought I'd throw this one out here rather than spend weeks trying for a


Scottm  :)

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