Alpha & Linux

Alpha & Linux

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Alpha DEC 500 can install RedHat 5.2 ?How to do?
Please reply

1. Alpha & LINUX SCSI questions. Urgent answers needed.

Can you please email me IMMEDIATELY if you can help me with these
questions: Thanks!

Do DEC Alpha workstations come with a SCSI port? ie. do they have a
SCSI host bus adapter? If so, is the port compatible with 32-bit wide
transfer mode?

Is it possible to connect a SCSI hard disk from a manufacturer other
than DEC and just plug it into the Alpha and use it without a new device
driver (written specifically for that SCSI device working with Digital
UNIX Alpha)? This may sound like a stupid question, because the answer
is probably "no", but the reason I am confused, is because surely
the device driver for the SCSI host bus adapter remains the same, and
I thought this takes care of all the low level details like the geometry
of the disk etc.

By 'SCSI host bus adapter', I mean the equivalent of a SCSI controller
card like you have with PCs. With Linux, when they started to support
SCSI disks, they merely brought out a new kernel with device drivers for
various popular PC SCSI controllers(like the Adaptec, and Future Domain
range). So in other words they were a creating device drivers for the
SCSI host bus adapter, not the specific SCSI hard disks, made by various
disk manufacturers.

Of course I understand that a new device would have to be mounted and
a file system created on it etc., but is the in-built device driver for
the SCSI host bus adapter sufficient?

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