FS or trade: alpha xl 266 Northern VA

FS or trade: alpha xl 266 Northern VA

Post by Alex Akimo » Tue, 13 Aug 2002 05:15:40

pick up in Woodbridge or Foggy Bottom area only

DEC PC - Alpha XL 266

cpu: alpha cpu 266 mhz
ram: 128 mgs

Has native scsi and ide support, internal and external
SCSI HDs: 1) 1G.
IDE HDs: currently none, has primary controller, supports 2 IDE devices.
SCSI cdrom 8x.
It has both PCI and ISA slots.
Sound card: ES 168
Video: Matrox Millennium PCI - currently configured as follows:

ps/2 mouse and keyboard.
front panel is slightly damaged
please reply to

or call Alex at 703-494-0630



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I han an XL 266 shipped with an alpha processor.

I'm able to boot with milo.

i try to start the kernel (i wanne to install red hat 7.0 downloaded from
my partition are

sda1 10Mb fat
sda2 10Mb fat
sda3 256Mb swap
sda4 4Gb ex2 (root)

boor sr0:kernels-vmlinux.gz root=/dev/sda4

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