Upgrading AS 200/166 -> AS 200/233

Upgrading AS 200/166 -> AS 200/233

Post by Michael Gilbe » Tue, 26 May 1998 04:00:00

Since Onsale has been selling quite a few AlphaStation 200/166 boxes recently,
I am sure this question may be of interest to at least a few others.

Is there any source for upgrading these units to 233? The DEC upgrade kit
(PB42U-AA,BA,CA) is no longer available. The kit, I am told, included a 233
Alpha CPU chip, an oscillator chip, a jumper, and installation instructions.

Either there is a stash of unsold kits somewhere, or an alternate source for
the parts. Any ideas?

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1. Overclocking Pentiums 200->250, 233->290?


I have an Intel Pentium 200MMX, which I am running happily at 250MHz. I am
using a bus speed of 83MHz and a 64MB SDRAM DIMM. The CPU clock multiplier
is 3 times.

The mainboard is a jumperless one. It will let me use a CPU clock rate
multiplier of up to 3.5 times.

With my P200MMX, I get the same speed using 3,5 times as when I use 3 times.
I assume this is because only the P233MMX is fitted with x3.5 circuitry, Is
this correct?

Next, I want to know if anyone has tried and succeeded or failed to
overclock as much as using a P233MMX with 83MHz bus speed and 3.5 times
multiplier to get 290MHz out of it.

My 200MHz -> 250MHz overclock is fine; no problems at all.

My 2.0.30 kernel compiles in 4 mins 10 secs elapsed time (for the
make bzImage step only) and the system time is about 3.5 minutes. Not
exceptional, these days, but not bad. My hard disks aren't that new,
between 1 and 2 years old, and IDE.

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