wget doing strange things...

wget doing strange things...

Post by Ian Wilkinso » Mon, 06 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Having noticed a recent thread here about wget I thought I would try it.

Can anyone see a reason why it would not download a jpg.

the command I used was,

wget http://www.mcartledge.freeserve.co.uk/index/gp24.jpg

Any idea why this does not work?  I've tried many times with all the options
I can from the man page and nothing will work.
Using lynx this URL can be found and the image downloaded, but with wget
this is the output,

--19:25:09--  http://www.mcartledge.freeserve.co.uk:80/index/gp24.jpg
           => `gp24.jpg'
Connecting to www.mcartledge.freeserve.co.uk:80... connected!
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
19:25:10 ERROR 404: Not Found.

I'm not sure what's going on.




1. g++ doing strange things

Hey all,

I recently upgraded to kernel 2.0.20 from 1.2.13 (Caldera).  I did it by
the book, I think - new libs, many new packages to take advantage of
and/or not break under the new kernel.  Libc is 5.2.18, libg++ is

Well, lo and behold, now when I compile this program that in g++ (gcc
2.7.2-2 rpm from redhat) I get strange output.  It's supposed to read an
int and two doubles, then compute the sum: here's what it gives me

Please enter an int: 44
You entered the integer 44.  Thanks.
Please enter a double: 55.66
You entered the double 55.6600.  Thanks.
Please enter another double: -123.5
You entered a second double, -1.67067e-3523.  Thanks.

The sum of these three numbers is -1.87951e-3508.  Have a nice day.

Judging from the gibberishiness of the last two numbers, I'd say
something isn't working right with a pointer, or something isn't getting
stored in the right place, or the linker is just plain screwed up.
Maybe some kind of data type error.  But I'm darned if I can figure out
what's causing this.

Oh, and it's not the code.  I've compiled the exact same program using
gcc on an HP workstation and it gives the correct answer.  I
can't believe that such a simple program would break on essentially the
same compiler on a different platform.  If anybody has had this same
problem or recognizes what it is, I'd appreciate any help you might


Anthony W Becker        CAS '98 Political Science
1707 Ridge Ave #204      Northwestern University

(847) 491-6079             Wearer of many hats.

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