FA: (finally) 600MHz EV56 164LX Tower

FA: (finally) 600MHz EV56 164LX Tower

Post by Brian Zurbac » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 16:51:53

On fleaBay, no reserve, $9.99 minimum.  Fast machine for the $$, flashed
to the latest SRM firmware.  Will ship anywhere you pay to send it.


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Brian S. Zurbach


1. FS/FA: My last two 600MHz 164LX EV56's

Hi All,

I'm liking my new (to me at least) DS20E system, so I am letting my last
two 164LX machines go.  One tower, one ATX 4U rackmount.  Tower goes up on
eBay later today, rackmount available for sale in the meantime.


GlobalWin 20CFM 60mm Fan
256MB ECC SDRAM (2x128)
4GB Maxtor 90422D2 IDE HD
LG Electronics 32x CD-ROM CRD-8322B
ATI Rage II (Mach64 GT) 4MB PCI graphics card
Intel Pro100 Fast ethernet card (100mbps)
Creative SoundBlaster 32 ISA (CT3600)
3.5" floppy drive
250-watt PSU with variable speed SmartFan
ATX tower case (from Carrera Computers)
(2) 64-bit PCI's and (1) ISA slot available
(2) 5.25" external and (2) 3.5" internal drive bays available
Includes PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse, power cable
SuSE 8.1/kernel 2.4.19/XFree4.2/KDE3/Gnome/IceWM/2.2GB of SW total
Includes SuSE 8.1 Boot/Rescue CD (load extra SW packages via FTP)

Going up on eBay with a BuyItNow of $319

4U Rackmount:

BRAND NEW ThermalTake/YS-Tech 25CFM 60mm Fan
256MB Kingston ECC SDRAM (2x128)
9GB Seagate 39173W 9.1GB UW SCSI HD (40MB/sec)
Adaptec 2940UW PCI card
Toshiba XM-6302B 32X CD-ROM
Kingston KNE-100TX Fast ethernet Card
Matrox MGA 2MB PCI graphics card
Creative SoundBlaster AWE32 ISA (CT3670)
2-Port OHCI PCI USB card
3.5" Floppy Drive
250-Watt PSU
Very nice ATX 4U rackmout case (beige) with locking door and keys
(1) ISA slot available
(1) 5.25" internal drive bay available
Includes PS/2 keyboard and mouse, power cable
Suse 8.1/Kernel 2.4.19/Xfree4.2/KDE3/Gnome/IceWM/2.3GB of SW total
Includes SuSE 8.1 Boot/Rescue CD (load extra SW packages via FTP)

First $400 + S/H owns it.

Both machines will be shipped from 85351, USA.

I've used both these Alphas since December 2002 and have had zero
issues with them.  They are fast (8 hour Seti groups, 1190 BogoMIPS) and
solid.  They spec out about 5-10% behind my DS20E with a single 500MHz
EV6/4MB processor (i.e. pretty respectable).

Both have been updated to the latest SRM version (5.8.1) and can
optionally run AlphaBIOS versions up to 5.7.

These are the DEC 164LX boards with two 64-Bit PCI's and two 32-bit PCI's.

You won't go wrong with either of these machines if you are after a
turnkey Linux Alpha system.  SuSE 8.1 is the most recent distro available
unless you want to compile everything from source (ala Gentoo).  I like it
as much on Alpha as I like Mandrake 9.1 on x86 (the distro on my daily
driver box).

Desktop screenshot (captured with Xgrab) available at:


Please email with any questions/offers.


Brian S. Zurbach

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