replacing IDE CD-ROM with IDE CD-RW - kernel panic!

replacing IDE CD-ROM with IDE CD-RW - kernel panic!

Post by Gunnar Gaubat » Wed, 02 Oct 2002 05:33:41

Hi there, fellow Alphaheads :)

I have a PWS600a with SuSE 7.1, kernel 2.4.12 (old, I know). Its CD-ROM is
a rather outdated Toshiba XM6102 ATAPI drive. At a local computer show I
bought a cheap ATAPI CD-RW from Philips (don't have the model number with
me right now, it's an 4x4x24 or something). In my naive way, I thought
replacing an IDE CD-ROM with another wouldn't make much of a difference,
but - boy! - I was wrong.

Regardless of how I configure the drive on the bus (Master/Slave) it
recognizes the drive and prints the ID string, but reports an "IRQ probe
failed" error and the kernel panics. If I unplug the drive Linux boots up
like a charm.

What's really strange is, if I put my IDE Harddisk and the CD-RW on the
same bus (HDD master, CD-RW slave) it recognizes both of them (e.g. hda:
HDD, hdb: CD-RW), but then it hangs while probing hdc for the IRQ, even
though I have pulled the cable from the second IDE channel. I'll still
have to check my exact boot parameters, because I recall there was an
issue with passing the HDD geometry (30 GB drive). I'm at work now, but I
will check on that later.

Has anybody come across something like this? Any idea what might be
causing the problems? Any input is greatly appreciated! :) Thanks!



1. broken 2.2 IDE CD-RW (was Re: plain 2.2.X: no ide CD-RW?)

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Sorry, I was referring to the backport of the 2.4 IDE code to 2.2.
I'm currently using ide. successfully, which I got from:

I've used several similar patches, though.  Stock 2.4 kernels work
fine with my CD-RW as well; however, I've now discovered that plain
2.2 kernels do not.  This could easily be a long-standing problem,
probably at least a year old - I've only recently stumbled across it,

Since I have a solution (use the 2.4 IDE backport), this isn't
critical; however, since many people still rely on 2.2, and I'd like
to use a stock 2.2 kernel if possible, I'm willing to spend some time
debugging this.



(A bit of background: Before I got my CD-RW drive last summer, I
bought an OnStream DI-30 drive.  This drive was then only supported on
2.2 with the 2.4 IDE backport, and so I've used this drive
successfully with 2.2.16 + 2.4 IDE patch, and a similar combination
since.  Since stock 2.2.19+ now support this drive through the osst
patch, I thought I'd try it out.  It does work, but at the cost of
losing my CD-RW.)

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