Alpha Bios, Arc Bios with a Serial Console.

Alpha Bios, Arc Bios with a Serial Console.

Post by lloyd seele » Tue, 31 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Is there a way to set up the LX motherboard so that  you can access the Bios
Setup through a serial console. I had heard that you could use the ARC
console and that would translate, however the Alpha Bios would not.


1. The vga problem in upgrading alpha bios to srm console at 164lx


I wonder that srm console cannot recognize a vga card when I upgrade alpha
bios to srm console using pc164lx. When I completed bios upgrading, the
machine requested me to reboot.
After rebooting, I saw the signal in board but not the screen image. My vga
card is accelspitfire(cirrus logic). I think that
the vga may rise the problem which hinder the upgrading firmware. Anybody
has a idea about this? I think that I should order Matrox millenium II or
voodoo 3000 pci.
Voodoo 3000 pci is recognized by srm console?


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