Multia SRM

Multia SRM

Post by Erik Hofma » Sat, 07 Aug 1999 04:00:00


I've been looking for the Multia (alpha) SRM console V3.8-2
Now that Multia's are given away for free, I wonder if somebody with a new
machine which hasn't upgraded the SRM console yet please could check which
SRM version is on the machine.
If the version say's SRM V3.8-2 could you please type the following command
and email the binary to me, I'll check if the guys from AlphaLinux could
place it on their ftp site:

cat srmflash > fat:fwupdate.exe/dva0

(and have a FAT formatted diskette in the drive)

One warning for the new users:  SRM V3.8-3 contains bugs which prevents SRM
booted Multia's from rebooting without a system crash!


Erik Hofman


1. Multia won't enter ARC or SRM

I booted my new multia today, and it won't enter either ARC or SRM.
Previously, while I got ready to install RH 5.1, I was able to boot into ARC
and SRM.  I turned off the multia for a week and was all ready to begin
working on it today, but no dice.

Here is what I see:

"Multia SRM Console    BL3 X3.5-72, built on Nov 30 1994 at 18:22:35
 Testing Memory from 800000 to 1dd0000
 Setting console to Boot mode..."

This is all I see.  The multia hangs at this point.

Any ideas?


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