oops, unpacked src.tr.gz in /usr not /usr/src

oops, unpacked src.tr.gz in /usr not /usr/src

Post by Caesi » Tue, 13 Aug 2002 16:28:17

> I'm tired and made a dumb mistake, I unpacked src.tar.gz in  /usr  not
> /usr/src. How can I undo this? Do I have to recompile the source code?
> If so, how do I accomplish that?

> Also, I've read a past posting that suggested to reboot using the boot
> floppy and "clean" up. What does "clean" up mean?

Another painless way:

Restart, then boot from floppy or CD and make use of the "upgrade"
function. Make sure u have all the base system tarballs ready if you
are using a floppy.