2.7 Install on Dell 2300 w/Adaptec 7860

2.7 Install on Dell 2300 w/Adaptec 7860

Post by Il Fantoma » Wed, 11 Oct 2000 04:00:00

I am trying to do an install of OpenBSD 2.7 on a Dell 2300, having my CD and
hard drive* off an Adaptec 7860 motherboard controller.

While the floppy27.fs boot image sees the controller, it doesn't seem to see
the peripherals on it.  I get a null list of drives to choose from when
asked where I want the system image to go.

Has anyone a workaround for this??

Thank you.


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Problem for install SCO 5.0.4 with two controller SCSI

the first controller ( SCSI2 LVD 7890) : - harddisk
the second controller ( SCSI Ultra Wide 7860) :         - cdrom
                                                 - tape
the driver for first controller is blad325
the driver for second controller is alad

i get the driver blad325 at www.adaptec.com and the initialisation of
harddisk it OK but problem with the cdrom (driver alad).

i select the cdrom with Srom=alad(0,5,0) at the boot
i select the device of the cdrom and i have a error message when the OS
testing the cdrom for the install.
the message :

Error initializing acces to device /tmp/cdrom
there may be a bios setup problem
or other hardware configuration error on that device

and the OS quit to press any key to reboot

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