3.2-openBSD on parc boot problem (newbie)

3.2-openBSD on parc boot problem (newbie)

Post by Alex » Mon, 26 May 2003 20:38:21


i managed to install openBSD 3.2 on an Ultra Sparc 64 bit station but
the system dies during the reboot after the installation.

any idea?

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1. newbie: OpenBSD 3.2 and ip forwarding problems

  This should be ez to fix, but something is wrong and i can't figure
it out.  Here it goes.

1) OpenBsb machine with 2 nics.   ipforwarding -> 1 in
2) one nic that can ping other machine on local net
3) other nic is connected to net via DSL and from there can browse the
4) local machines can ping BSD but can't access net.  Looks like they
can't access the DNS on the net ( so forwarding is not working...).

All I read about it indicates that i should be able to access the net
only with the setting in sysctl.conf?   I'm probaly mistaken, i know,
i'm a noob!   Could someone take the time to help me set the basic of
ip forwarding ( without pf ) and then from there, i'll read more to
figure it out.

Thanks for your time


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