sendmail not accepting connections on port 25?

sendmail not accepting connections on port 25?

Post by Internet Use » Fri, 25 Aug 2000 04:00:00


I'm running OpenBSD 2.7 release on the multihome machine. Sendmail
starting with -bd -q15m switches. When I telnet to port 25 from local
console everything is fine. When I telnet to port 25 from outside
network I get no connection. IPFilter rules are set to allow all from
outside/inside networks. Telnet to port 587 works.
netstat shows smtp port as LISTEN.
What is the catch?


Open BSD novice.


1. Sendmail: accepting connect on port 25


I have installed SCO Internet FastStart Upgrade 1.1, there seems to be
problem in sendmail 8.8.5.
When I type the command:

ps -ef | grep mail

before installation, there would be an entry "sendmail -bd -q1h"

after installation, the entry becomes "sendmail: accepting connect on
port 25"

The sendmail seems not to bind the socket 25 for smtp. Is the entry
correct? How to correct it?


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