USR Internal modem (2nd serial port) not responding

USR Internal modem (2nd serial port) not responding

Post by Chris J/ » Mon, 05 Apr 1999 05:00:00


I've recently installed OpenBSD 2.3, but I've run into a problem setting
the modem up - it won't respond. It is detected at boot as pccom1, along
with the first serial port, pccom0. The IRQ and ports are correct (IRQ 3,
port 2f8), however when I try:
        $ cat /dev/tty01 &
        $ echo 'AT' > /dev/tty01
then the 'echo' just sits there indefinately and never returns. The modem
is okay, as under Linux I can do the same test without a problem.

(I think that is the device - I'm checking this through from memory - should
have really written the device name down...the device *is* the second serial
port, as when I messed the command up (ie, sent to the first serial port),
the mouse stopped working :) If I try tty02 then I get 'device not

If anyone could shed any light on this, it'd be appreciated. Modem is a
USR 33.6 Sportster internal. The second serial port in my machine has
been disabled in the BIOS. Machine is Intel P200MMX.

Thanks in advance,


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