failed to configure XFree86-4.0.1 on obsd 2.8

failed to configure XFree86-4.0.1 on obsd 2.8

Post by Craig Orsinge » Wed, 20 Feb 2002 18:09:16

> Hi there,

> I'm using my openbsd 2.8 on my armada 110 laptop.I have downloaded and
> installed with successful - i presummed.When i typed :

> hostname# XFree86 -configure

> or

> hostname# XFree86

> i still got the error message.Herewith i attached together for futher
> information.and The same and only question,how do i fix this problem? Im
> using Trident *Blade i1.

        Since you are using a laptop, I suspect you only have one
screen size. Try running xf86config. This is a text-mode X Server
setup program. Find out what your laptop's screen specs are. In
particular you will need to know:

        resolution in pixels (width and height)
        depth of color (probably either 8, 24, or 32 bits.)
        horizontal sync (in kHz)
        vertical sync (in Hz)

        Color depth is usually determined by the amount of
video RAM you have, which appears to be 8MBytes. Have a copy
of that X probe dump handy so you know things like video
chipset, etc.

        You might also want to check the Linux laptops database
web site at:

        Setting up the X server is basically the same on both


failed to configure XFree86-4.0.1 on obsd 2.8

Post by mahe » Thu, 21 Feb 2002 02:27:25

hi there,

i just discover the problem is...actually i did download the wrong
version that support my x server suppose that i should download
xfree86-4.1.0 but i downloaded the xfree86-4.0.1 ....arghhhhhhhhhhh



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I try to install KDE 2.0.1, but configure fails at the following.
knows how to fix it?

checking for afOpenFile in-laudiofile... yes
checking for posix realtime scheduling support...yes
eval: 1: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string

I installed kdesupport-2.0.1 alredy.  This error occurs when I configure

the kdesupport-2.0.1.  The last few lines of config.log are:

configure:9390: checking for afOpenFile in -laudiofile
configure:9409: gcc -o conftest -O2  -I/usr/local/kde/include
clude -I/usr/X11R6/include  -L/usr/X11R6/lib -L/usr/local/qt/lib
e/lib   conftest.c -laudiofile   1>&5
configure:9466: checking for posix realtime scheduling support
configure:9483: rm -rf SunWS_cache; g++ -o conftest -O2 -fno-exceptions
ck-new -Wall -pedantic -W -Wpointer-arith -Wmissing-prototypes
-Wwrite-strings -
Wno-long-long -fno-builtin -frtti   conftest.C  1>&5

Any idea?  An error in the config script?  How to correct it?


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