isakmpd.conf multiple tunnels

isakmpd.conf multiple tunnels

Post by Fr0st » Fri, 26 Apr 2002 02:44:32

can I use a as the remote peer, in order to authenticate
anyone with the correct credentials, per isakmpd.policy?  I need to
setup multiple tunnels (about 20++), or should I create that many
comnnections as well as peers. Does anyone have any experience with
this? btw this is a 2.9 OpenBSD

1. isakmpd.conf for multiple mobile users

I'm trying to set up a VPN for several mobile users, using pre-shared
secrets (for now). I'm attempting to set each user up with a different
pass phrase, but can't figure out how to set up isakmpd.conf to allow

the pass phrases are user1pass, user2pass, etc. I can set up an
[ISAKMP-peer] section for each of them as below:





The problem is, what do I put in the [Phase 1] section? The IP
addresses are dynamic, so I don't know those, and if I put
Default=ISAKMP-peer-user1, for example, how does user2 connect?

Is it possible to give different users different passwords?

Thanks in advance.

Kevin Anthoney

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