2.7 on thinkpad 701c does not detect wd0

2.7 on thinkpad 701c does not detect wd0

Post by Pixel Fai » Tue, 27 Jun 2000 04:00:00

with either install floppy, no hard disk is detected for
2.7 this works fine with 2.6

im using an ibm thinkpad 701c

is there a work around?


1. Xircom CEM56 / OpenBSD 2.7, detected but not working


I'm the owner of a Xircom CEM56 dual ethernet/modem PCMCIA
card. I installed OpenBSD 2.7 on my laptop a little while
ago and thought everything was going great, but couldnt
get said card working. Does anyone know anything about this
series of cards and any tweaks required to get them going
under my favourite OS ? I understand theyre CardBus (32-bit)
not the 16-bit Xircom cards, so the 'xe' driver wont work (or
will it ??). Has anyone else use the same card ?

I had to take OBSD off in the end after hitting my head
against the wall for a while :(

Thanks, hope someone can help.


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