IPACCT under OpenBSD

IPACCT under OpenBSD

Post by Siegbert Marschal » Tue, 18 Jul 2000 04:00:00


I have ipacct running on an OpenBSD-Machine to do my accounting


accounting is perfomed on xl1

count in on xl1 from any to
count out on xl1 from to any

count in on xl1 from any to
count out on xl1 from to any

accounting works fine for packets witch get routed through the machine but
doesn't work for packets which just appear on xl1. -> counted -> not counted

Is there a parameter I have to set or something like that? Putting xl1
into promiscuous mode didn't help.

Thanks, Siggi.


1. IPACCT disappeared ??

What happend with IPACCT facility in 2.1.5-RELEASE ??? This option disappeared
from LINT (which is supposed to have all possible options). I grepped
sources and could not find any of #ifdef containing IPACCT.

Is it a part of IPFIREWALL now ??? CAn anyone comment this ??? On 2.1 box
it worked just fine! (I disabled IPFIREWALL and set IPACCT wchich is ignored
) If I want to use just accounting features, do I have to turn firewall ON ?

If it changed in some way please change manuals wchich points to IPACCT
definiction in kernel configuration file: ipacct(4).

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