Installing onto a Syquest 135

Installing onto a Syquest 135

Post by Anton Smirn » Wed, 10 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Howdy. I am running a quadra 610, am trying to install OpenBSD onto a SyQuest
Cart. I got it partitioned & I think I converted the partitions to a Root & swap partition, respectively & then formatted them, but When I went to install,
the installer claimed that there was no root partition. I ahve heard that
there are problems w/ using a Syquest cart - could somebody give me a hand, or at least the address of the FAQ?


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1. How to install Syquest 135 Mb drive?

: During the booting time I got following error message:

:   "scsi : 0 hosts"

: Here my hardware configuration:
: - Motherboard : Asutek P/I-P55T2P4-C
: - scsi card   : AVA 1515 / only the Syquestdrive is connected.
:   The Bios from AVA 1515 Card is enabled (BEN).
:   I tried to run the drive also with "BEN" disabled, but it doesn't
:   worked.

I can't speak for the 1515 but I've gotten my EZ-135 SCSI drive to
work with an AHA-1542c and a Tyan Yorktown.

Since this will be your only SCSI device, you should be able to mount
it as /dev/sda. Have you tried? If the drive isn't being found during
boot-up then this may accomplish nothing but may be worth trying.

You do have termination enabled on both devices since these are the
two ends of your SCSI chain, do you?


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