NFS & Stacked filesystems (A repost)

NFS & Stacked filesystems (A repost)

Post by Rupert Pigot » Wed, 25 Feb 1998 04:00:00

<Apologies if you've seen this message before>

Last night I decided that I'd try and turn my friend's PC into a
diskless X terminal using OpenBSD.

The first step was to create a root filesystem. To do this I figured
I'd create a root directory for it and use nullfs to mirror the OpenBSD
server's usr, bin, sbin and other sharable directories.

The next step was to create an etc, I did this by creating a union
mount in there where the server's etc was the 'underneath' layer.

This all worked OK until I exported it via NFS and then (to test it) I
mounted it for testing on the server. The 'underneath' layer of the
etc directory was not there, neither were the nullfs mirrored
... eeek !!!

I guess that this is reasonable having read up on how 4.4 BSD serves
NFS - but it doesn't feel right semantically, whats everyone elses take
on this ?

Shouldn't the NFS server export directories (execepting permissions) as
they appear on the local machine ?



1. NFS & AFS & other filesystem information


  I have just begun to start researching different filesystems
for a school paper that I am going to write.  I would appreciate
any information that anyone could provide me with, or even
better would be pointers to information about filesystems,
Mainly NFS, AFS and disk-stripping techniques.  

as I am stuck in behind a firewall here.

  Thanks in Advance,

    Thomas Fletcher

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