Dialin & modems

Dialin & modems

Post by M Gang » Sat, 30 Jun 2001 12:40:35


I am setting up a OpenBSD 2.9 computer with external 3com (USR) 56k
modem attached to cua01 or tty01 (I think they are the same).  I would
like to set up this box so I can dialin to it remotely and administer

My problem is that I can not get a login screen when i call this box.

I have gotten the modem set up. I can connect to it with minicom from
the ports tree (and hyperterminal on a windows box) and talk to it
directly, configure it, talk to it, tell is stories, etc.
I can also call this modem from a second line (using either a regular
phone or another hyperterminal), and it will pick up in the right amount

of rings.
In fact, once I had minicom running on the OpenBSD box while I called it

from another box via hyperterminal, and it answered and connected and
when I typed in the hyperterminal it showed up in minicom, and when i
typed in minicom it showed in hyperterminal (except for newlines).  That

was before i edited /etc/ttys.

I then moved on to editing the files /etc/ttys and /etc/gettytab.

In /etc/ttys i have edited the line:
    tty01 "/usr/libexec/getty XXXX"  YYYY on

I have tried stuff like XXXX = std.9600, d2400, modem.11520
and YYYY= vt100, dialin, dialup with no success.

In /etc/gettytab I just added a definition for modem.11520:

I re-boot after I change /etc/ttys so that getty is waiting on tty01
(can see it when I use "ps" or "top").
I have tried a little messing around with pppd but figured i was on the
wrong track.  Also I don't want to consider using mgetty, in the ports
tree it is broken.

I feel like I just haven't got the right combination in my /etc/ttys, or

that I am not editing one key file, or that I am just totally out to

I have read numerous how-to's, old archived new group postings, etc.
(none of which were specific to Unix, or if they were, they were for
dialing in for internet access, like for an ISP).  I am using this
posting as a last resort since I usually like to figure this out myself,

but after a good 3-4 days I need to move on.

Any suggestions, comments, ideas, working configurations are greatly

If it helps, my modem settings are: (displayed using commend ATI4)
U.S. Robotics 56K FAX EXT Settings...

    B0    E1    M1    Q2    V1    X4    Y0
    BAUD=57600    PARITY=N    WORDLEN=8
    DIAL=TONE    ON    HOOK    CID=0

    &A3    &B1    &C1    &D3    &G0    &H1    &I0    &K1
    &M4    &N0    &P1    &R2    &S0    &T5    &U0    &Y1

    S00=002    S01=000    S02=128    S03=013    S04=010    S05=008
    S07=060    S08=002    S09=006    S10=014    S11=070    S12=050