ISA-to-PCMCIA card (with Lucent WaveLAN card) not recognized

ISA-to-PCMCIA card (with Lucent WaveLAN card) not recognized

Post by Gerrit Albrech » Fri, 07 Jun 2002 21:34:08


I want to setup an old PC as router to the internet for
my home LAN. Installed is OpenBSD 3.1. For internet access
I'm using a Lucent WaveLAN IEEE card. It's a PCMCIA card
which is installed into an ISA-to-PCMCIA adaptor card.
It runs fine with Linux (checked with fli4l).
Unfortunately OpenBSD 3.1 can't find my wireless network
card. dmesg/ifconfig says nothing about wi0 ...

isapnp0 at isa0 port 0x279: read port 0x203
pcic3 at isapnp0 "VIA PCMCIA CARD, PNP0E00, PNP0E00, " port 0x3e0/2
pcic3: VIA PCMCIA CARD (ident 0xff Not OK)
biomask 4040 netmask 5040 ttymask 50c2
full dmesg here: http://www.*

Seems that the ISA-to-PCMCIA card wasn't properly detected.
I've tested all 3 floppy images - nothing helped.
Building an own kernel (cvs checkout, GENERIC) didn't helped.
What means "ident not ok"? Thinking it's some kind of string
which simply didn't matched correctly I changed the source
to simply skip this check -> generated a crash :-(

Googling around I found this:

Exactly the same problem ... But this text tells something
that the isa-pcmcia bridge may be an ISAPNP device.
What's the difference between ISA and ISAPNP drivers?
Where is the /etc/isapnp.conf under OpenBSD?
Are there tools like pnpdump under linux?

Thanks for any help,

Gerrit Albrecht


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I have some old ISA NCR/AT&T/Lucent WaveLAN half length 915MHz cards
that I'd like to experiment with.  I'm having very little luck
finding information about these cards on the Internet.  I know,
they're older than dirt but I'd like to experiment with these cards
a bit more.  (I got 3 of them for a total of $6... :) )  Using the
p2pdiag utility that came with the DOS install disks, each card is able
to see the other and transfer packets... so the cards are working.

My problem is it looks like development of the older DSSS WaveLAN cards
has slowly slipped away.  From what I gather, the last Linux kernel to
support the cards natively was 2.2.  Like I said, I've found very
little on the topic.  Can anyone confirm this for me?

I've installed Fedora 3, Fedora 1, RH9, and RH6.1 (I would have went
with 7.x but I don't have a CD at this time).  I've also tried
FreeBSD 4.11 and 5.3 snapshot. (I couldn't get FreeBSD to even
recognize the cards) The only Linux distro to not slow down the
computer when I issued a modprobe wavelan io=0x300 was 6.1.

With not much info on the Internet, I'm having a hard time.  Is
anyone currently using these cards for a P2P link in a Linux/FreeBSD
environment?  If someone IS currently using these dinosaurs, could you
please let me know what your hardware/config is?

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