Adaptec AIC-7860/90/91/95 docs needed

Adaptec AIC-7860/90/91/95 docs needed

Post by Tobias Weingartn » Sat, 14 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Well, my latest attempts to get this documentation from somebody within
adaptec have failed.  As such, I'm turning to the community at large.  If
anybody knows of a way to get this documenatition to me (or the OpenBSD
project in general), that would be greatly appreciated.

If this venture turns out to be futile yet once again, the only recourse I
have left, is to recommend people run AdvanSys cards, for which I believe
we have excellent support for.

To be a little more specific, we need the user/programming documentation for
the following adaptec chips: AIC-7860, AIC-7890, AIC-7891, AIC-7895.


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1. Adaptec AIC-7860 (was Re: Scsi Adaptec 2940U2W + linux (slackware 3.5))

Does anyone know if this is correct, because I've just bought a Dell
PowerEdge with Adaptec AIC-7890s and AIC-7860 (CD-ROM card) with a view to
installing Linux (and unfortunately NT!) and Oracle - I'll be a bit gutted
if Linux can't install on it.

Both RedHat 5.2 and Slackware 3.6 completely hang the machine when trying to
detect it; I can't even turn the machine off using the power button!

I've checked on the Adaptec web site and they don't have any info on Linux -
only SCO I think.


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