interfaces timeouts (on 3.1)

interfaces timeouts (on 3.1)

Post by OSIR » Tue, 11 Jun 2002 12:47:37

Glad to see U, All!

Strange thing with my firewall. I have 128Kb/s radio connection
(ORiNOCO WaveLAN, wi0) on Internet side, an a LAN (3Com980TXM, xl0) on
other side. Misc - Cel1200, 512MB RAM, 20 Gb WD. Everything seems to
be OK :) But it's not.
Firewall starts up. I start web-browser (on , open 4-5 windows and...
it says:
"wi0: device timeout"
"xl0: watchdog timeout"
After that - no ping to hosts on Intra/Internet, No web-surfing, no
DNS resolving.
One more time - it works fine, until I open few windows in Opera (or
IE, doesn't matter). This way I can surf net, read news, get my mail.
I tried to set NMBCLUSTERS to 8192 (without recompilig kernel, using
config -e), but I'm failed.
In a few hours this firewall will work under "heavy fire". What I'm to
do? Please help.

(If I'll install 3.0, will it save me?)

Sorry for my bad English. Hope somebody will help me. Good luck


1. Bug in XFree3.3.1 and mouse timeouts?

I just installed a PS/2 mouse on my Linux2.0.32, XFree3.3.1 slackware system.
The mouse seemed to work great in the console terminals (F1..F6) with gpm-11
(gpm -t PS2) and in X, however it took some time and moving the mouse after
switching from X to one of the consoles.

For some reason the third time I tried to switch back to X from a console
I got a bus-error in XFree3.3.1 telling the mouse was not responding.

Is this a bug in XFree3.3.1?

To overcome this problem I redirected the gpm mouse events (gpm -t PS2 -R) to
/dev/gpmdata and use this device in XF86Config in MouseSystem mode. I did
not get the problem since.

Kind regards,
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