Which OpenBSD/SPARC for name server?

Which OpenBSD/SPARC for name server?

Post by Lars Josephse » Sat, 24 Oct 1998 04:00:00


I am setting up a NIS/DNS name server on a Sun SPARCStation IPX
and I wonder which version of OpenBSD to use: 2.3, CURRENT or the
latest snapshot?

My priorities are stability and security. If this was FreeBSD, I would
use the STABLE branch. I assume the OpenBSD equivalent is getting
the src.tar.gz file from the 2.3 directory on the ftp mirror and then
getting the 2.3.tar.gz file from the pathes directory. Is this correct?

I will go ahead with this assumption, unless I hear a crowd screaming:
NO!  ;-)

As I am new to OpenBSD, any tips and tricks will be highly appreciated.



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