filesystem layout with "newfs"

filesystem layout with "newfs"

Post by Gavin Cat » Wed, 01 Aug 2001 08:41:19

This is with openbsd 2,9,

The problem is that any file on the disk (my fileserver partition) takes up
128k even if the file is less than that.

What is the bit to modify with the "newfs" command when i format the

I'm a idiot, i used to know which one it was but am having a brain drain.

bash# newfs -h
newfs: option requires an argument -- h
usage: newfs [ -fsoptions ] special-device
where fsoptions are:
        -N do not create file system, just print out parameters
        -O create a 4.3BSD format filesystem
        -S sector size
        -T disktype
        -a maximum contiguous blocks
        -b block size
        -c cylinders/group
        -d rotational delay between contiguous blocks
        -e maximum blocks per file in a cylinder group
        -f frag size
        -g average file size
        -h average files per directory
        -i number of bytes per inode
        -k sector 0 skew, per track
        -l hardware sector interleave
        -m minimum free space %%
        -n number of distinguished rotational positions
        -o optimization preference (`space' or `time')
        -p spare sectors per track
        -r revolutions/minute
        -s file system size (sectors)
        -t file system type
        -u sectors/track
        -x spare sectors per cylinder
        -z tracks/cylinder