postfix Maildir rights

postfix Maildir rights

Post by Bulba00 » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 07:29:27

What are the rights permission to 3 subdirectories in /home/user/Maildir

in my /var/log/maillog I read:

Jul  2 00:18:54 brama postfix/local[30123]: 04E164E5754: to=<

failed: create /home/zulus/Maildir/tmp/
Permission denied)



postfix Maildir rights

Post by Winfried Neesse » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 03:22:02

> What are the rights permission to 3 subdirectories in /home/user/Maildir
> directory?

Looks strange, but 0001 with the correct user and group rights suffice
with postfix an maildir.

| d--------x    7 _postfix  OHDIN        4096 Jun 22 23:20 10002/
| d--------x    3 _postfix  Luepkes      4096 Jun 10 20:16 10003/

| d--------x    3 130015   OHDIN        4096 Jun 22 23:22

If the maildir didn't exist below the subdirectory, postfix will create
it automatically with the right permissions.



1. NFS for Dual Postfix Maildir Store


I have searched for a good answer to this to no avail.  There seems to
be a lot of conflicting info.  I posted in a couple Postfix groups and
got zero response, so I'm posting here hoping for better feedback.

I have a RHEL 4.5 box running Postfix+Dovecot+MySQL.  I have about
about 3200 accounts in 1200 virtual domains and maildir spools.  There
is an average of 50-60 emails/minute received during peak periods, and
as a company we are growing at a rate of about 20%/year.

I would like to put an identical RHEL box running Postfix+Dovecot
+MySQL +SquirrelMail into operation, DNS round robin'd.  I would like
to mount my spool directories on an NFS share to a third RHEL server
with a screaming fast RAID10 volume.

I have read posts regarding problems with NFS locking, but am not
certain whether it applies only to mailbox spools or both mailbox and
maildir.  I have read of ways of possibly avoiding locking issues by
using fcntl() locks.  I have read posts saying it's good, it's bad,
etc. this possible, good idea, bad idea?  Is there a definitively
better way to do this with something other than NFS?  Will I run into
any Dovecot issues?

Obviously I'm not doing anything that hasn't been done already, but
Google isn't giving me info I can feel confident of.  I would
appreciate any comments.  Thanks!


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